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Next to Longstreet and Jackson, I consider A.P. Hill the best commander with me. He fights his troops well and takes good care of them. - Robert E. Lee

And Then A.P. Hill Came Up is an online archive and biographical website dedicated to General Ambrose Powell Hill (1825-1865), an important military figure in the Civil War.

A graduate of West Point, A.P. Hill served in the U.S. Army in the antebellum period, fighting in the Mexican War and in the Seminole Wars. On the eve of the Civil War, he resigned his commission to fight for his home state of Virginia. Known as "Little Powell," Hill rose through the ranks to command of the famous "Light Division." He rescued Lee's Army at Sharpsburg, resplendent in a red battle shirt. Among the most promising of Lee's commanders, serious illness prevented him from reaching his full potential. Nevertheless, Powell was killed a week before Appomattox, in command of one-third of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Both Lee and Jackson called for A.P. Hill with their dying breaths. (A short biographical sketch of General Ambrose P. Hill.)


This site is dedicated to A.P. Hill and his men who showed "valor, and fortitude, and devotion ... things whose claims to admiration civilized and savage men equally admit. There need be no discussion on the causes which called them into action; they are intrinsically noble, and worthy of the most ardent applause and emulation."