Biography of General Edward Lloyd Thomas

Born March 23, 1825 in Clarke County, Georgia, Edward Lloyd Thomas served in the Mexican War. He then returned to his plantation in Georgia. He was a graduate of Emory College.


Upon the outbreak of the War, Thomas became colonel of the 35th Regiment in October 1861. Thomas served his entire career with the Light Division as first a regimental and then brigade commander.

Thomas was wounded June 26, 1862 at Mechanicsville, but remained on the field in the saddle. When J.R. Anderson was wounded and left to do the important work of acting as head of the Tredgar Iron Works, Thomas became the permanent commander of the Georgia Brigade of the Light Division.

A good officer, it is said he was not promoted after Pender because the division contained two North Carolina brigades ... command was given to an Alabamian who was North Carolina born, Cadmus Wilcox instead.

After the war, Thomas returned to his plantation. In 1885, President Cleveland appointed Thomas to serve in the land bureau. He also later served in the Indian Bureau. Because he died in South McAlester, Indian Territory on March 8, 1898, he was buried in Kiowa, Oklahoma and thus has a more unusual grave location than most Confederate generals.

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