Wright's Georgia Brigade

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The core of this brigade consisted of the 3d Georgia, 22d Georgia, 48th Georgia, and the 2d Georgia Battalion. Later additions to it include the 64th Georgia (joined III Corps around time of Petersburg) and the 10th Georgia Battalion (joined ANV early in 1864). The main core of Wright's brigade joined the III Corps with the rest of Anderson's Division. It served from the Seven Days until Appomattox.

Biographies of the Commanders:

3d Georgia

  • Maj. George E. Hayes (1836-08/21/64)
  • Druggist. Killed at Weldon Railroad.
  • Maj. John F. Jones
  • Maj. Augustus H. Lee (?-?)
  • Lt. Col. Alexander B. Montgomery
  • Lt. Col. Reuben B. Nisbet
  • Lt. Col. James Sidney Reid (?-?)
  • Lt. Col. Claiborne Snead (03/31/36-?)
  • Parnell planter and lawyer wounded at Malvern Hill, POW at Gettysburg; postwar judge
  • Col. John Reynolds Sturges (12/31/27-07/01/62)
  • 1847 Yale graduate killed at Malvern Hill; buried Waynesboro
  • Col. Edward J. Walker
  • Col. Ambrose R. Wright

22d Georgia

  • Col. George H. Jones (?-?)
  • Wounded and captured at Gettysburg
  • Col. Robert H. Jones (?-?)
  • Wounded at Sharpsburg; resigned due to wound April 1863.
  • Maj. Lawrence D. Lallerstedt (?-?)
  • Wounded at Sharpsburg
  • Lt. Col. Benjamain C. McCurry (?-1863)
  • Died of fever at Dallas, GA 11/14/63.
  • Lt. Col. J. Walter Pritchett (?-?)
  • Col. Joseph Wasden (?-07/02/63)
  • Killed at Gettysburg

48th Georgia

  • Lt. Col. Reuben W. Carswell (09/26/28-1886)
  • Of Jefferson Cty; graduate of Emory and postwar Georgia Milita General
  • Col. William Gibson
  • Col. Matthew R. Hall
  • Maj. John Randolph Whitehead (1829-06/05/77)
  • Of Burke Cty. Resigned January 1863 due to wounds.

64th Georgia

  • Col. John W. Evans (?-07/25/64)
  • Wounded at Olustee; killed at the Crater
  • Lt. Col. Charles S. Jenkins (?-?)
  • Captured at Deep Bottom
  • Maj. George S. Thomas (?-?)
  • Captured at Deep Bottom
  • Col. Walter H. Weems (?-?)
  • Russell Cty, Alabama lawyer; wounded in Florida

2d Georgia Battalion

10th Georgia Battalion

  • Maj. James Daniel Frederick (06/03/27-06/24/99)
  • Born South Carolina; planter; post-war Georgia legislator
  • Maj. John Emory Rylander (09/15/36-06/02/64)
  • Of Sumter Cty; killed at Cold Harbor

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